segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

Nuno Vilhena Photography

Kommt vorbei :)

Francesco Polazzi live painting

Petra Buhl portrait


This lovely couple come from India and have both the passion of travelling. They started a blog where she whrite about beauty, fashion, travel, food and random thoughts and he capturate images of all the happenings. 
Thanks a lot to both to the invitation to make this portrait 
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Space cats

Thanks For all Matthias Haese

Matthias Haese is my coach and good friend here in Germany.

The other day he whrote this to me:

It took me some time to answer to your few words Catarina which touched me deeply. 
So I would like to write some words about your wonderful person and the time we got to know us.
I appreciate and admire Catarina`s development since she has left her home in Portugal after her studies there in 2013 to go to Germany. Much has been new to her and the biggest challenge to her was to learn our language in this country.
I hold in high esteem her rapid perceptive faculty and her ability to integrate aspects she considers as down - to - earth into her life. 
I look up to her friendliness and her warmth as she approaches all people of her surroundings full of respect, regardless their nationality and character to make many new bonds of friendship. Her sincere, charming but also straightforward nature make hearts fly to her.
In the very beginning she strongly suffered from homesickness. Her enthusiasm however belongs to her prominent characteristics. Very soon she learned to regard her situation with joyful eyes and her regained inexhaustible curiosity brought back her energy to get involved in numerous possibilities offered to her in the field of arts in general
and in the fields of painting in particular here in Germany.
A strong creative potential is rooted in Catarina which she has always unfolded and cultivated since her early childhood days and which she will release in her further development.
I look forward to accompany her way with all my strength and heart.
She can be very reflective and thoughtful, then infectiously impulsive and finally the purest sparkling source of energy itself.
When she has resolved to paint nothing should stand in her way.
She perceives aspects only few people can. Whenever she discovers things which seem to be unimportant in the perspective of other people and looks at them through her own eyes as a painter, she can rapidly express them in their full importance in her own pictures. 
Faster than wind can transfer sound waves are her answers to what she perceives acoustically.
She likes to do this with some of my expressions which she interpretes spontaneously in her own inimitable way. This way our sense of humour is constantly challenged. 
It is always amazing for me what I have learned from her.
Catarina is an excellent cook. Whoever has been served Bacalao by her in the surroundings of her family may feel honoured and at the same time well - treated in the culinary way.
Her family and her friends scattered both in Portugal and in Europe may well be proud of this wonderful, enchantress person, and last but not least my wife and I feel honoured to belong to her close friends in Germany.