quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014



Watercolor painting with pastel colors. "Oma" is grandmother in german, althow this is not my grandma, just my creation in 2009. These two nice men at my side and my coach Matthias Haese are truly art lovers, and they went many times to this place where i have my exhibition but this time they fall in love with the old grandma, now she will certainly have a special place in their house 
Estes dois homens agradáveis a meu lado e meu coach Matthias Haese são verdadeiros amantes da arte, e foram muitas vezes a este lugar onde eu tenho a minha exposição, mas desta vez eles apaixonaram-se pela velha avó, ela agora certamente terá um lugar especial em sua casa 

Art tip

Here i show the process that i normally do. I usually start with a white layer when i paint faces, after i put the colors soflty so then i can put more details.


First of all wellcome to my blog :) this is one of my first paintings since i arrived to Germany last year 2013, hope you like and fell free to comment and share ;)